Ceramic Systems & Glassfake Coatings

Chemco International’s Ceram-chem product range is designed with a blend of ceramic and epoxy technologies and is capable of repairing and protecting process equipment used in highly abrasive or high fluid-flow applications.

The advantages of these systems over the traditional ones are:

  • Solvent and styrene free
  • Improved abrasion/cavitation resistance
  • Improved equipment efficiency – higher throughput due to less drag

Moreover, the glassflake coatings provide outstanding protection from the most hazardous environments. They provide protection, safety, reliability, cost effectiveness and are of outstanding durability.

Some of these glassflake coatings benefits are:

  • Can be used to restore condemned plant and equipment to “as new” condition
  • Cost-effective, lifetime solution
  • The ideal solution achieved by selecting from a wide range of polymer technologies, including polyester, vinylester, epoxy and epoxy novolac.
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