Marine Division

The new era in marine corrosion control.

Chemco anti-corrosion coatings are systems designed to combat and eradicate complex issues across any vessel, with a guarantee to be ffective for much longer time between re application

Market leading products

Sovlent – Free and Water based coatings
True Rust Tolerant and Wet – Tolerant coating systems
Specialized coatings: High Temperature, underwater and glassflake
User friendly with no ventilation, no heating and no de humidifiers
Environmentally friendly with no grit blasting


Chemco systems are always guaranteed for 5,10 or 15 years depending problem and area of application

Time saving

Other works continue while the service is applied and products are specially made for less downtime if needed

Approved and certified

Chemco products are IMO, Lloyds and FDA approved

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