Ballast Tanks, Water Tanks & Cargo Holds

Ballast tanks and double bottoms are usually comprised of complex steel structures and poor access. A solvent – free, wet & rust tolerant primer but as well as a solvent – free, wet tolerant glassflake epoxy topcoat are the most suitable duo for providing small batch repair services and also complete overhauling.

Ballast Tank Services can be carried out at dry docks and at sea whilst there are no dew points or humidity restrictions with the primer and topcoat used. you get the best ballast coating system.

Chemco’s RS 500P primer and RS 500M glassflake epoxy topcoat are specially designed for ballast tanks maintenance and overhauling and provide a lot of benefits:

Surface preparation standard : as low as ST-2, WJ-4
Lloyds Class 1 “BWT Repair and Maintenance”
IMO MSC.215(82) New Buuild
Comprehensive guarantee – Even on patch repairs

Cargo and Water Tank Maintenance and overhauling products are also available providing fast, odourless and easy application and offer very good chemical resistance which makes them available for many applications.

Among others, the benefits and appliances of these products are:
Cargo holds can carry all fuels (except un-leaded), Drinking water (FDA approved), General chemicals (excluding acids with low Ph), Dry Bulk Cargo and Non – Alcoholic Beverage (FDA approved)
All cargo coatings are cold applied and fast cure
Water Tank products can be utilized for portable / grey water, oil, settling, mud and brine tanks also

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