Underwater, Topsides & Boottop Coatings

A series of chemco products can be applied on ship in order to coat underwater, topside and boottop ship parts. All areas concering topside coatings are primed with solvent – free and rust – tolerant primer Epo – chem RS 500P followed by an application of 1 coat of Epo – Chem RC 500 GTC, which is an acrylic epoxy, UV resistant topcoat.

For additional impact and abrasion resistance (e.g. fender areas), topcoat with solvent -free, ceramic epoxy Ceram – chem RP 500

For underwater coatings, Chemco’s solutions can provide a long-term, maintenance – free protection of up to 25 years. For the vessel’s underwater section, Epo-chem RS 500P, a solvent-free, wet & rust tolerant primer with smooth glassflake topcoat can be used to reduce drag with excellent impact and abrasion resistance.

The benefits of the topside and underwater solutions provided, are many and include:

  • Up to 25 years maintenance free protection
  • Supersmooth: Major drag reduction
  • Excellent impact resistance: ice breakers, scrubbable
  • Easily repaired
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