Communication from remote locations either this is sea or land, is always one of the most critical factors for safety, efficiency and productivity. Our Engineers ensure that the communication services of our customers are up and running on a 24/7 basis.

Satcom Equipment

Our experienced IT & Network Engineers are familiar with all satcom terminals from Inmarsat and Iridium and are able to assist in every installation, service and maintenance of our customer’s satcom equipment, as well as on their internal network. Our product, ZWANA, can be installed in order to provide control and safety in any remote network.

Radio Equipment

A range of radio equipment, such as VHF, MF/HF radios, portable radios can be installed as well as serviced from our engineers.

Software Solutions

It is already known in every industry, that software applications are vital in most operations. Our Engineers are competent on all communication software and applications in order to ensure uninterrupted data, email and network connectivity between shore and any network location.

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